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4 Tips For Trading in Currency – Investing With a Purpose

Thinking about trading in currency? Investing in Forex can be a cakewalk- provided you keep the key fundamentals in mind and follow the rules of the game. Here’s how you can make the best of the Forex market.

There is Hope For the Ninety Percent of Newbie Traders Who Lose Money Every Six Months

In statistics and numbers, it has been found out that an average percentage of ninety percent among the newbie traders lose money within a time frame of three to six months of live trading. If you ask for the opinion of the veteran traders, they will tell you that this can be attributed to the newbie traders’ insufficient knowledge about completing a back test with their forex trading software before they use it for live trading.

Forex, Spread Betting Strategies

There are many strategies that define how to trade forex but not many of those techniques include spread betting strategies which is the manipulation of your betting platforms to increase profit potential and limit losses. Different spread betting platforms have different features and methods of using their platforms so in this article I am going to outline a few strategies that I use with my particular spread betting platform.

4 Things You Cannot Afford to Miss When Trading Foreign Currencies

Trading foreign currencies? As an investor, there are certain things that you just cannot afford to miss. What are these and how can you benefit from them? We’ll tell you!

Work With Lower Spreads With the Untraceable Forex Megadroid

Work With Lower Spreads with the Untraceable Forex Megadroid Making the business decision of choosing your online foreign exchange broker is one of the most challenging decisions you will ever have to make, particularly when you have recently purchased a forex trading software such as the Forex Megadroid. If you are new the industry of currency trading, this task may even seem overwhelming.

Understanding Forex Leverage – More Opportunity, More Risk

One of the biggest advantages of forex trading is the ability to use leverage when trading. Leverage allows you to use a small amount of capital in your trading account to control large amounts of capital in your trades. If forex brokers didn’t offer leverage, the forex market would not otherwise be accessible to the average investor since most traders don’t have $10,000 – $100,000 to get started with forex trading.

Managed Forex Accounts – A Hands Off Approach to Forex Trading

A managed forex account enables you to invest in the forex market without having to learn the ins and outs of trading forex or having to monitor your trades throughout the day. With managed forex accounts, professional traders or trading teams manage your account and place trades on your behalf.

Nine Years of Testing Spent on Perfecting the Forex Megadroid

Even long before Albert Perrie and John Grace has come up with the Forex Megadroid, their names have already been reputed with credibility in the industry of currency trading. They have a collective number of forty years of experience to boast and their creation of the Expert Advisor has been a long awaited launch in the market.

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