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Forex Demo Accounts – Are They Good Or Bad?

These days most brokers are offering Forex demo accounts to attract traders specially those who are looking to start trading in Forex market. But, do they have any hidden disadvantages that brokers are not telling? Let us take a look into this.

Consolidation Patterns in Forex – Elusive Opportunities For the Conservative Trader

Experienced traders recognize that in a majority of cases where there are strong trends and directional movements dominating the price action, it is still possible to examine the markets in the context of a longer term range established in a longer time frame. Prices develop as fractals, so it is most often the case that trends, ranges, consolidation or continuation patterns exist at multiple levels on the charts at different time periods. One interesting result of this phenomenon is that it is always possible to apply a large number of techniques simultaneously to the price, even if they appear to preclude and contradict each other at first glance.

Learn How an Amateur Intraday Forex Trader Makes $630 With 5 Simple Trades

Every one of us saw an advertisement of the forex market on the Internet, a variety of magazines and other media connected to forex. But only a few of us earn real money through the forex market. What is needed for this? What knowledge should traders have? Learn very simple, but extremely effective ways to successful forex trading

Forex Scalping

Forex scalping is a popular forex trading strategy where the trader makes several small trades in the course of a trading day. Compare it to the game of baseball, where a team is said to play ‘short ball’ making hustles and stealing bases, doing many small plays instead of going for the home run.

Forex Online Trading – Top 10 Golden Rules Numbers 1-4

You may think that some parts of your life require focus and a lot of it but nothing needs more focus, planning and personal rules than trading. Without rules, rigidly stuck to, all have fallen away losing money hand over fist. Here I share some golden rules that must be followed for trading success.

Forex Megadroid – Can You Rely on With Forex Megadroid?

It has been known that the foreign exchange market suffered a commotion in the past years. The conception and growth of the automated currency trading robots are far-reaching changes the Forex market has to deal with. It was a big blow to currency trading advisors because they were displaced in their work.

Calculating Profit and Loss in Forex Trading

Forex Trading as we all know involves buying and selling currency pairs in order to earn a margin or profit on our transaction. But how does one really calculate how much one has profited or lost in a transaction?

Forex Trading Success – The Need of Massive Focus and Five Essential Tips to Help You Get It

These Forex trading tips will ensure that you focus your attention into the areas that will bring you the most success. Those who are successful at anything have a secure focus on their goals and the steps they need to take along the way. With Forex trading the issues are based around the emotional nature of what is at stake: money.

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