Here is Why Ethereum Won’t Stop Dominating (Altcoin OG Approved by Snoop Dogg)

The Evolution of Forex Systems

I have traded for 30 years and sometimes just marvel of how Forex systems have changed in that time. The advent of the computer gave everyone an opportunity to literally be on the floor of the exchange and execute trades almost instantaneously.

The Best Automatic Forex EA

FAP Turbo is arguably the best automatic forex EA available to traders looking to outsource their trading work to a fully competent and capable responsive trading robot. This is a look in complete of this automatic forex EA.

How to Use Stochastics to Find Awesome Forex Trades

Stochastics are a beautiful indicator. They are excellent at showing you market extremes so that you can watch for turnarounds. Trading stochastics in the direction of the daily trend gives you everything you need to be a profitable forex trader.

Trading Forex News Releases – The Quickest Legal Way to Make Money

You can make so much money in the forex by trading news. I mean, where else could you make 10%, 20%, 50% of your money in just a few minutes? Trading forex news releases can be everything you imagine in trading – fun, exciting, heart-pounding, instant, daring, and profitable – if you know how to do it right!

Why Do Most Forex Traders Lose?

It’s estimated that 95% of all forex traders will lose money and give up within the first 2 years. Those are terrible odds. This article will look at the key reasons from the perspective of a winning trader who used to lose consistently.

Steps to Successfully Scalping the Forex Market

Scalping the forex market is a very time-consuming and tedious way to trade, but there are people that make an absolute killing at it. There was a guy on CNBC not long ago who made $300k a month scalping the markets – not only the forex, but other markets as well. If you have the time, energy, and know-how, scalping can work out very well for you.

Forex Trading Tips – How to Scale Into Trades in a Ranging Market

Scaling in and out of trades is an important concept that many traders need to add to their arsenal. Determining where the market is going is hard enough; also determining the timing of the market is near impossible. So why do most traders enter a trade with all their guns blazing with nothing left in reserve if they are wrong?

A Forex Trading Strategy Using Nothing But Moving Averages and Price Action

You know, successfully trading the forex is nothing more than finding a reproducible, repeatable pattern that gives you a better chance of making money than losing money. That is all a trading system is supposed to be – a guide to follow that puts the odds of winning in your favor. Today, I want to share with you a simple trading system that I have had good luck with.

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