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Naked Trading

I know to a lot of new traders, when they hear the phrase “naked trading”, I’m sure many of them are scratching their head. It’s a common misconception. Don’t worry… you get to keep your clothes on. Although if I told you that taking your clothes off would help your trading, you would probably do it, right?? LOL!

Trading Stochastics – It’s Not All That It’s Cracked Up to Be

I don’t think I’m telling any secrets when I say that the average forex trader really likes to use indicators to trade the forex market. I would have to say that the most commonly used indicator would probably have to be stochastics…

Best Forex Autopilot System – What is It?

Do you know what the best forex autopilot system is? Are there new pretenders to the throne or are the old ones still the best? All will be revealed in this article.

Trading Psychology For Successful Forex Trading

Successful trading in the forex market (also known as foreign currency exchange or fx market) is eighty percent psychological and twenty percent methodical. A proven winning trading methodology by itself cannot work, if it is not applied in the right manner.

The Automatic Forex Trading System Works For the Experienced and the Beiginner

Do you think that success does not depend on automatic Forex trading systems and indicators are just tools? A trader’s success does depend on them. There are systems, which provide excellent results for the beginners and the experienced. You just need to know more about automated forex trading.

Automated Forex Robot – Experience the Thrills of Trading With an Automated Forex Robot

Trading is something that we frequently hear about in business and financial news. But did you know that trading forex (Foreign Currency Exchange) is something relatively new for a lot of people? Several years back, forex trading was only participated in by large financial firms and banks. Now, more people are joining the trading floor.

Automatic Forex Trading For Beginners to the Experienced Users – Give Yourself the Edge For Success

Do you realize that success is independent of tools like indicators and automatic trading systems? The success of a trader is not dependant on them. There are fewer failures and more successes using automatic forex trading robots. It is a software, which does research and analysis and allows beginners to jump in and make profits.

Forex Trading – What Drives Currency-Forex Prices?

Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading is undertaken by a range of investors; from professional currency traders and businesses, to individuals who wish to speculate on currency movements. The Forex market constitutes the largest financial market in the World, with traders placing in excess of $3.2trillion worth of trades every business day. It is the degree of activity therein that determines currency prices and makes them so fluid.

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