CRYPTO WEEKLY CLOSE ( are we bullish)

Forex Trading Dangers – Can Forex Megadroid Has the Ability to Control Pitfalls?

The reality in foreign exchange currency trading is that people who are always talking about how to do this and that and talking about ways how to get rich easily are a great distant from being a real expert in this market. This is one of the main apprehensions as well why it is not safe to follow forex market just like that.

Technical Analysis in Forex Trading – The Choice Analysis by Successful Traders

Technical analysis is favored in forex trading by most forex traders. Even though technical analysis is the favored analytical method by traders, it is still used in complement with fundamental analysis i.e…

Simplified Explanation on Pricing Trend in Forex Investment

Ask most traders in Singapore Forex market why prices go up, and you’re likely to get this answer: more buyers than sellers. This is not true. The number of contracts bought and sold in the market is always equal ALL. Read on for details.

Basic Facts on Foreign Exchange

Curious about Forex trading? Maybe you have heard that you can earn big money in the foreign exchange market. Well, if you have bucks to invest and you are a beginner at this thing, then this is for you. If you browse through the internet and see terminologies like foreign exchange, foreign exchange rate, spot exchange rate, candle sticks and bars, buying and selling strength, risk management and so forth and you have no background whatsoever on financial management, don’t they just blow your mind?

About Spot Currency

Currency trading or spot exchange rate as it is commonly called is what happens in the forex market or foreign exchange market. The forex market is the largest, mainly liquid market in the entire world, and is continuously rising, with investors eager to gain knowledge of just what it has to present and how to make money.

How to Learn Currency Trading?

Currency trading is not as simple as said. No doubt it is easy to learn the basics and start trading, but you have to depend a lot on your instincts, bold decisions and smart moves.

Try Forex Megadroid First Before Spending Your Hard Earned Money

According to recent studies, foreign exchange market is the biggest industry in terms of money spent. The money spent on this industry reaches an average of $3 trillion dollars everyday. This indicates how large this industry is, and how many families are depending on Forex trading as their source of livelihood.

Five Reasons Why You Should Start Forex Trading With Forex Megadroid

Forex Market is an industry where you buy and sell currencies in order to make money. It is open to all countries and is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This can be a part-time job for people who are working in their offices. They can enter trades during their free time, in order to have an extra source of income.

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