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Who Are the Turtle Traders?

In 1983 the famous commodities traders Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt made a bet about whether or not people could be taught to make money trading or whether it was just something you were born with. Dennis believed you could teach people to trade and Eckhardt didn’t. To settle the bet, Dennis decided to put his theory to the test and put an ad in the newspaper seeking people who wanted to become day traders. His experiment ended up being successful as these traders averaged over 80% returns by following very simple rules Dennis laid out. Dennis called these traders, the Turtle Traders.

FapturboEvolution – Do You Worry This New Forex Robot Will Make Your Old FAP Turbo Obsolete?

It couldn’t be a more discussed topic. Once the new sibling of the old FAP Turbo was released, the worry started by its owners. Will FapturboEvolution make the earlier robot obsolete?

All About Forex Robots

Automated trading is changing the very nature of trading. With it’s black box approach, an automated trading system can be used by anyone to trade. Forex trading is especially suited to the development of automated trading systems. There are only six major currency pairs that account for more than 90% of the trading volume in the global currency markets as compared to the stock market that has thousands upon thousands of stocks.

Know the Relationship Between Gold, Oil and Forex!

Gold, oil and Forex markets are intimately interlinked. Knowing what is happening in the gold and oil prices can give you the clue as to what currencies are going to appreciate or depreciate in the near future.

FAP Turbo Tutorials – Should Complex Instructions Keep You From Using FAP Turbo?

It is pretty amazing that some people still say the FAP Turbo tutorials are difficult. For some, the complaints about installation and set up problems are just enough to keep them from using the FAP Turbo at all. Should you really listen to the complaints and not buy it?

Top 3 Forex Robots Review

Looking for the best automated forex trading robot? Read reviews about The Fap Turbo forex robot, The Forex Megaroid Robot, The No Loss Robot and more!

What Is Forex Review System Trading All About?

Forex review system trading helps in gaining profits at a faster rate. Read this article to know how it works.

The Best Forex Training You Can Get

If you are planning to get into Forex trading, do not skip the pre-trading learning phase. You need to learn a few basics before jumping in, though in that regard Forex is no different than any other money-making opportunity. But there is one more step that is crucial, but is unfortunately far too often passed over or not given enough attention.

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