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What Is Your Best Pitch in Forex?

Not everyone plays baseball that trades Forex but they have a lot in common. To become a good trader in Forex you have to think like a good hitter. Good hitters have a “best” pitch to hit. They also have a pitch that is “almost best” and then it goes down from there.

How to Trade One Hour a Day in Forex and Make Money

Is it possible to trade one hour a day in Forex and make money? Many people who want to trade Forex don’t have the time to trade all day or even part of the day. So can you trade one hour a day and make money, perhaps enough money to live on?

When To Do FX Trading

Many newbies come to Trade Forex totally ignorant as to when the main money flows are coming into and out of the FX Market and what that actually means to you as a trader. As part of your learning process it is critical that you know when you should be trading and when to expect volatility.

Forex Trading – 2 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Trading The Exotic Pairs

Most traders are aware of the major currency pairs such as the GBP/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, USD/JPY and EUR/GBP pairs, but if you dig a little deeper you will find that there are over 100 different pairs you can trade. These less well-known pairs are often called ‘exotic pairs’. However you will generally find that almost all forex traders avoid trading them, for two main reasons.

Becoming Friends With Your Currency Pair

Are you friends with your currency pair or are you just an acquaintance? When was the last time you really spent time with your pair? Have you ever considered that the currency you trade has a personality all its own? Could you define what it is? If you knew what it was would it help you trade?

Forex Currency Trading Tutorial – What Are Pivot Points?

Pivot points can sometimes be a little controversial when it comes to their application in currency trading. Many traders believe them to be a “dinosaur”, and to have no place in the modern trading world. My own personal advice though is to put them on your charts and have a look at some history. Then make up your own mind as to whether you will find them useful, or not.

Why Do Forex Traders Fail?

Why do Forex traders or just any trader fail? Is it because their knowledge of the markets is lacking? Bad luck? The market is rigged? The market Gods are against him? No it’s actually much simpler then that, human emotions.

Renko Chart – Is It Useful?

The renko chart is a very excellent and effective tool for determining a development in the economic market, and many forex traders make use of them. The word “Renko” comes from “Renga”, the Japanese word for “Brick”. The square boxes that make up a Renko chart are often referred to as “bricks”.

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