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My FAP Turbo Live Trading Success Story Since Early 2009

I remember when the FAP Turbo was launched back in November 2008, I was thinking its selling price was just fair because it was at almost the same rate as the other forex trading robots in the market then. Its launch was quite different from the previous forex trading software I have seen and so I was quite surprised to find out that it does not cost more than any other forex trading robots.

FAP Turbo’s Capability to Trade in Five Different Currency Pairs

This is an attempt to come up with the clearest picture about the FAP Turbo Expert Advisor, allowing you as how an unbiased trader would see it, weighing the possibility of whether or not you will earn from it. What is FAP Turbo?

Misconceptions About the FAP Turbo – Do Not Be Misled

There is an alarmingly increasing number of get-rich quick schemes to be found on the internet every day that it has been found out you will find at least one new offer daily. They share something in common about offering positively great promises, instant profit and a way out of your boring day job luring you to work for yourself, instead. However, there is no such thing as overnight wealth, in fact, if you encounter any product promising you bigger profits instantly, then you better think twice about getting it.

Welcome to the Trillion Dollar Industry of Forex

Very often, many investors get into business ventures without properly ascertaining what it entails. This may be because of the promised colossal profits or having been lured by convincing marketers who know how to play with words.

The Forex Robot Debate – Do They Work?

This question is debated daily by Forex Traders. With many that profit from Forex Robots, and others that lose money it is a highly controversial debate.

Are Forex Robots Truly a Profit Accelerator?

Lately, there has been much hype on the topic of Forex robots. With each software business promising precise monitoring and trade decisions that will earn you funds, how can you choose which of the numerous packages to pay for? Can the work involved in this complex market actually be computerized?

Learn to Trade With Candlesticks

In order to be successful in the Forex Market, you need to know the basics of trading. Over the next few days, we will share with each new Forex trader the keys to having a successful Forex career.

How to Use a Stop Loss to Maximise Profits

The way to use your stop loss to maximise profits is very simple but not many people know how to use the stepping motion in a trend to their advantage. If I enter a trade just below a pivot point for a sell trade and it reverses into a buy, then candles open and close above the pivot point. I am going to think about getting out very soon not wait until my full 30 pip stop loss disappears.

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